KPN Security is one of KPN’s most important and fastest growing departments. It has the best security specialists, who work on our own KPN infrastructure or on the security of our customers’ data and critical business systems. Our security specialists do everything they can to limit risks and resolve incidents. A broad range of work is performed at KPN Security. For instance, not only do we help the authorities with digital authentication and verification, but we also ensure that your local baker can use a PIN device securely.

At KPN Security you work with ethical hackers, pentesters, analysts, developers, business consultants and other colleagues to safeguard the digital security of the Netherlands. Do you consider it a challenge to remain a step ahead of hackers and cybercriminals? Or do you feel a shared responsibility to ensure that everyone has a secure digital work environment? If so, a job at KPN Security is something you will really enjoy.
Vooruit begint bij jou
Watch the video of Arnim below. Press 'cc' for subtitles.

Did you know that... 
  • KPN Security is the Netherlands’ biggest security organization?
  • our ethical hackers became world champions in 2018? And that they would love to repeat that victory with you in their team?
  • KPN Security has a broad range of ultra-advanced detection systems at its disposal?
  • the workspace for the Security Operations Center (SOC), also know as The Cube, is the biggest in the Netherlands? It is as big as three movie theaters! 

Collaborate and learn from
​​​​​​​the best in this field
A variety of
development paths

Biggest security

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Improvement begins with you | In conversation with Arnim, Incident Respons Handler at KPN Security
“In the end, our customers are happiest when you tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear,” says Arnim, Incident Response Handler at KPN. “Just imagine that a company has a data breach and asks us to find the source. It can be pretty awkward if our investigations show that the breach could have been prevented. But by discovering imperfections in customers’ systems you also make it possible to tackle the cause and improve the systems, so you can ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen again. It makes me proud when I see that companies operate a healthier cyber policy after my assistance.”
An awesome 10 years and more awesomeness to come!
The KPN REDteam was founded a decade ago, in response to a hack on KPN’s network by a 17-year-old. A new CISO department was created at KPN, including an internal redteam. The KPN REDteam started with just 3 techies with a passion for pentesting. All KPN REDteam colleagues have a common passion for breaking stuff, technology and security.