Working for Data & Analytics
Data is of incalculable value. It helps us to gain new insights, develop better products and optimize services for our customers. Our Data & Analytics departments devote themselves to acquiring as much relevant data as possible. In addition, we work on smart solutions that combine data flows and we build self-learning algorithms and intelligent analytical applications. If you have a passion for data and want to use the potential of digital information to the full, a job at Data & Analytics is perfect for you.
Every day, the KPN network gets gigantic volumes of data for processing. And those volumes keep on growing. To cope with that growth, we need creative and innovative professionals who help us to build the digital data highway of the future. Our aim is to utilize data in a scalable and ethical manner that adds value for us and for our customers. If you have any interesting ideas about the data-driven future, we would love to hear them!
Moving forward starts with you 
Watch the video of Anne & Piet below. Press 'cc' for subtitles.

Did you know that... 
  • your solutions make a direct contribution to the lives of millions of customers and thousands of KPN colleagues?
  • we optimize the installation of fiber by means of artificial intelligence?
  • at KPN you work with state-of-the-art data and IT platforms?
300 data colleagues​​​​​​​
International team
Creative and experimental work environment
A variety of development paths

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Improvement begins with you | In conversation with Piet, DevOPs Engineer at KPN Data & Analytics
“Data is of interest only when it is turned into information,” says Piet Poelsma. Since December 1, 2021 he has been working as a DevOps Engineer at KPN. “You can have boxes full of data but with data alone you can do nothing: the volume is so enormous that you cannot see the wood for the trees. My task as a DevOps Developer is to make that wood visible again to the KPN finance department. We build the software that structures the data in a way that enables my finance colleagues to interpret that information.”