Working for Health
As the foremost connector in the Netherlands we are involved not only with technology but also, and in particular, with people. That’s why at KPN Health we ensure that healthcare remains accessible, day in, day out. Digitally and personally. So we are able to help healthcare organizations with their digital transformation, we give institutions and patients a better grip on health and the healthcare process, and we create opportunities for collaboration and information interchange. If you are passionate about healthcare and about technology, you will really enjoy working at KPN Health.
Healthcare is going digital. And that’s good news, for healthcare organizations, their employees and their patients. Exchanging digital data via the Cloud, giving a video clinic or living safely at home longer thanks to home automation; KPN Health makes all that possible. Do you know all the ins and outs of healthcare? And would you like to make further improvements in a technologically innovative manner? Then we would like you to join our team!
Moving forward starts with you
Watch the video of Vinood below. Press 'cc' for subtitles.

Did you know that... 
  • KPN Health has been supplying infrastructure to hundreds of healthcare institutions for more than 15 years?
  • KPN Health keeps E-Zorg, the largest independent healthcare network in the Netherlands, going? This network is used by more than 5,000 institutions!
  • ​​​​​​​tens of thousands of healthcare workers can perform their everyday tasks thanks to our CAM workstation?
Advanced technical applications in healthcare
Flat organizational structure
Socially engaged and committed

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“Working for KPN Health means working for the finest market area in the world of business,” says Vinood, Executive Vice President at KPN Health. “Our objective is to keep healthcare accessible; healthcare affects everyone, from your partner and your child to your neighbor. One way or another, we all come into contact with healthcare. So for me it’s more than a job, you can really do something worthwhile for society.”