Employee Engagement

We regularly conduct surveys to find out what employees think about working for KPN. Over several successive years,  we have measured employee engagement in an annual KPN-wide survey. In 2017, we started carrying out short and regular pulse surveys.

Progress measurement

Pulse surveys allow us to keep abreast of the pulse when it comes to employee engagement and the progress and visibility of improvement initiatives. The pulse survey consists of a maximum of 10 questions, determined by management, which are partly the same for everyone, and partly specific to the organizational units. With the general questions we measure engagement on the basis of employees’ trust in the decisions by the Board of Management, their pride about working for KPN and their willingness to go the extra mile to contribute to KPN’s success. In addition, we measure opinions and progress on organizational-wide focus areas, such as workload and simplicity in processes. The specific organizational unit questions allow managers to measure subjects that are relevant within their area.

High involvement

On the basis of these surveys and measurements, KPN has had a high level of engagement for years, consistently scoring 80% in the pulse surveys. In the March 2018 survey, this engagement increased to 81%. The following survey is due in the summer of 2018.

Share and discuss the results

The general results for each survey are communicated to all employees via an internal news item. Results per organizational unit are shared with the concerned managers. It is up to the managers and the employees to discuss the results of these reports. To talk about the current developments, achievements and possible improvements.