Health, Safety & Well-being

KPN as employer

Our people are one of our valuable assets. From back office employees and colleagues in our sales force to our field engineers and service managers, everyone at KPN works to deliver the best possible service and products to our customers. We believe that taking care of our people makes them enjoy their work more and perform better. In 2017, about 95.6% of the KPN workforce is represented in a formal joint management-worker health and safety committee, which supports and advises on occupational health and safety programs.

To foster the health and well-being of our employees we have developed and implemented a broad range of measures.

  • We provide various vitality training programs that enable employees to deal with the challenges of living and working in today’s world, like psychosocial job demands and job stress. At some departments we started exploring the value of the concept of positive psychology in dealing with stress and uncertainty by using your characteristic strengths and key competences to create happiness in work and private life. That way happiness also leads to engagement, job satisfaction, performance and retention. We believe that providing sufficient information and training will contribute to this.
  • An important part of our vitality policy is the lifestyle check. Employees can use their employability budget to do a lifestyle check. Based on the outcome of this health scan, that compares someone’s biological age to their calendar age, our employees get insight in their physical and mental health and their vitality and lifestyle. Also they get nutrition recommendations for improvement.
    In case a health-risk is diagnosed and follow up is advised or necessary, KPN will pay for a six month follow-up program to help the employee to improve their health and vitality. We compare the lifestyle of the participating employees before and after the coaching process. This comparison shows that the majority adopted a healthier lifestyle after the coaching. The study demonstrates that a lifestyle improvement is possible and that the employees concerned are now fitter and lead a healthier life, due to our lifestyle coaching program. In addition, KPN provides access to fitness facilities at reduced cost and, in case of any organized sports activities, employees can pay their membership from their gross income.
  • KPN provides our office buildings with workplaces based on ergonomic principles. More and more workplaces are being equipped with ‘active’ office furniture, like stand-up and cycling desks. KPN launched a new ‘health & safety-catalogue’ for employees. In this catalogue, employees can find occupational health and safety risks related to their work including measures to mitigate these risks. The catalogue focuses on risks related to specific KPN-functions and KPN-working environments, having attention for illumination, noise, indoor air quality, humidity and temperature. Besides work-related risks and measures, the catalogue also presents information on how to report deficiencies and complaints regarding workplace, office furniture, and where to get workplace assessments, further information, (ergonomic) tools and H&S prevention advice.
  • KPN has introduced the ‘The New Way of Living and Working’ model for work that is independent of time and place. This facilitates working away from the office if preferred. The New Way of Living and Working requires a different management style and makes a different appeal on employees with regards to time management and taking responsibility. We launched Way of Working (WoW) coaches to help teams to set the new culture of working together and achieving goals.
  • Our arrangements for parental leave are more extensive than the lawful obligations. Depending on specific context, certain conditions will enable a longer period of leave or a more flexible number of hours per week. Detailed information on the arrangement is provided in the Collective Labour Agreement.
    Also, we partner with Compananny; a childcare organisation that is located directly next door to our The Hague office and through PVKPN, we offer a discount for KPN employees that are customers of Partou childcare.