Internship Software Developer at KPN CISO

Solliciteer direct
  • Locatie: Amsterdam
  • Afdeling: IT
  • Sluit: 31-05-2020
  • Opleiding: hbo, wo
  • Ref. 3752

Join us with the development of new a OpenPGP-compliant software that is both more maintainable, and memory safe.

How? You will work in a security team and join a software development project from the very beginning. The project will be divided into independent modules and each module will be constructed under the “test-driven development” approach. You will be responsible for the development of some of those modules.

Why? The most commonly used OpenPGP-compliant software, GNU Privacy Guard, has many crucial applications, e.g. package signing, email encryption, smart card two factor authentication. The existing code base of GPG, however,  has a considerable size and can be difficult to maintain. In addition, its code base is written in C, which is not a memory safe language. In this project you will be working on a memory-safe implementation of the OpenPGP standard.

Where? You will mainly work in our Amsterdam office, near station Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Occasionally you will work in our Hilversum office.

With who? With the Labs team of KPN Chief Information Security Office (CISO).

Your roll as intern at KPN CISO:

You will participate in the development of the aforementioned software project. Your challenge would be:
1. understand the current OpenPGP standard

2. understand the current implementation of GNU Privacy Guard in C

3. implement the very same functionality in Rust.
4. implement the software in a secure manner to avoid side channels that leak sensitive information

You will be successful because: 

  • You be able to learn new things in a short period of time
  • You don’t give up easily
  • You are a good teamplayer
  • You have good listening skill
  • You love programming
  • You have good knowledge of C, Rust and the current PGP standard
  • Information security is your middle name

What do you bring to the table?
Good practical programming skills, intrinsic motivation and you are Dutch speaking.

We can also count on your:

  • WO/HBO education

What do you get in return?

  • An internship compensation
  • Experience in software development from beginning to end in a corporate environment
  • Experience to work with Philip Zimmermann (Amongst others the creator of PGP)
  • Nice cozy environment with all the facilities, laptop, monitors etc.
  • Guidance from experienced colleagues, who will gladly help you to develop further, but also like to learn from you

Good to know

  • The internship period starts in February 2020
  • An assessment is part of the selection process
  • It’s more a practical/hands-on internship than a completely theoretical internship