Working as a Developer at KPN
Humanising technology
​​​​​​​in an engineering culture

Working as a Developer at KPN
Humanising technology
​​​​​​​in an engineering culture

Working as a Developer at KPN
Humanising technology
​​​​​​​in an engineering culture

Technology drives KPN’s future — one in which we design technology that is better for humans and at interacting with them. As a Developer at KPN, you could help shape this future. We want to humanise technology and to do so we need top-notch Developers who can turn ripples into waves.

Our engineering culture

At KPN we have hungry minds. We keep searching for innovative designs and solutions to help create the best possible products and services for our users, customers and business partners. Through all our departments our employees work together to make ideas a reality. KPN is a dynamic, ‘can do’ workplace in which all teams like to work hard, but play and learn even harder. We take pride in creating the best digital experiences and because there is no creation without failure, we experiment, try, fail and try again, learning from our mistakes until we succeed.

As a Developer, you know what it is like to keep expanding and improving what you create. That’s why we value an open, respectful engineering culture in which everyone has room to grow in both professional and personal terms. We all give and take feedback so that everyone can improve. Everyone in our organization is equal and we embrace differences. This way, everyone can be themselves, do what they love and feel safe and happy at work. Our game-plan is based on the triple H-rating:
Hungry | We're always hungry, whether it be for further exploration, deeper questions and harder challenges. We are eager to learn, adapt and discover new routes to make our company better.

Healthy | We’re techies but not robots. Even though we’re very involved in our work, we also pursue our passions outside work. A healthy work-life balance is vital for a healthy, happy workplace.

Heart | You are not the code, you write it. Who you are and what makes you special is what is in your heart. Share your stories, be yourself and become part of our community in which everyone brings something special.
Software development at KPN

Automatically sharing of MBs within the same household is a great MijnKPN-feature
Joost Kamstra and Justin Vervoorn
Streaming data technology makes KPN’s data processing better and faster
Wouter Theune and Gerhard Messelink
Using the latest technologies building an application from scratch
Lotte de Haas and Taylan Dogan


As the network of the Netherlands, KPN plays a key role in digitalizing our country, both today and tomorrow. This creates great opportunities for you as a Developer to grow and help build and improve interesting, innovative projects using the latest technology. Working for KPN gives you:

Personal development
Within the company you have various career paths to grow into or towards. Whether you want to specialize in your favorite stacks or to learn to see things from a broader perspective, KPN offers many professionalizing opportunities for you to seize. For example, we hold educational initiatives and get-togethers, such as Future Fit Friday lunches, Techflix and Hackathons. On top of that you get a personal development budget of € 1,500 a year that you can spend on an education or course of your choice.

A DevOps way of working
The ‘Agile’ way of working is the default. Because we believe that those who build it should also run it, our developers follow DevOps principles in their work. This means you get plenty of freedom and responsibility on the job. Most of our developers work in independent teams that are end-to-end responsible for all aspects of the services and applications they work on. Some teams have gone even farther and now work on Value Streams.

As little hierarchy as possible
Within our teams there are only 3 roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master and – the majority – Developers. There are no traditional Team or Line Managers. A minor part of the workforce is made up by those in supporting roles such as Architects, Theme Owners or Chapter Coaches. Although there is little hierarchy, there is lots of room for you to grow and specialize in your field.

And more…
  • Your code has impact on millions of people.
  • Meet and learn from thought-leaders in the industry who work for KPN.
  • 100% Dutch with an international vibe.
  • Flexibility in working hours and remote working.
  • ​​​​​​​BYOD
  • A lot of fun: cocktail workshops, Winter Wonderland, Treasure Hunt, table-tennis, a football table and more!

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