We are more efficient, we feel more secure and we are more accessible than ever. New technologies help us to make our life easier. Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and Internet of Things. At Tech, we get technology to work for people and we ourselves are working every day on innovative solutions. After all, technology is innovative only if it creates value. And as we have many customers through the Netherlands, your work impacts millions of people, big companies and social organizations.
In our Tech divisions we have the best professionals, who work on new developments, smart software and user-friendly applications. At KPN you can work in a variety of technical roles and learn from top-class experts. Whether you know everything about back-end development or Kubernetes or whether you want to help build an online environment that adapts to its visitors, we really need your knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm! Will you help us connect the Netherlands with a sustainable future?
Moving forward starts with you
Watch the video of Marlu below. Press 'cc' for subtitles.

Did you know that…
  • Our engineers remain future-fit, to a large extent by learning from one another?
  • KPN is one of the world’s most sustainable telecom companies (Dow Jones Sustainability Index)?
  • ​​​​​​​Our engineers know all the tools and speak a large number of languages (GIT, Python/Java, CI/CD, Kubernetes, AWS/Public Cloud/Azure, SQL, Oracle, MySQL, API Design, SOAP, REST)?
Informal work enviroment
International team
Hybrid work
Freedom in your work

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Corporate recruiter
​​​​​Milena Tjalsma-Otten
+31 6 1056 6826

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“Encrypting in such a way that an application remains available for further development is a challenge, but if it works and you see the platform growing, you get a great deal of satisfaction,” says Marlu, Front End Developer at KPN. She works on the online shop where consumers can take out subscriptions and buy products.