Green sees the bigger picture 

Every day, the KPN network gets gigantic volumes of data for processing. And those volumes keep on growing. To cope with that growth, we need creative and innovative professionals who help us to build the digital data highway of the future. Professionals who want to grow as well. 

Smart solutions through relevant data insights.

Data is of incalculable value. It helps us to gain new insights, develop better products and optimize services for our customers.

Data & Analytics

Our Data & Analytics departments devote themselves to acquiring as much relevant data as possible. In addition, we work on smart solutions that combine data flows and we build self-learning algorithms and intelligent analytical applications. 

Green is not a color

What do your colleagues say

Working with us means

  • Nice, committed and skilled colleagues 
  • A lot of freedom and responsibility
  • A personal training budget of 1500,- per year
  • Many growth opportunities
  • Excellent pension conditions
  • A 50% discount on our products and services 

Meet our recruiter

Rutger Schroder

Infra & network engineering

Sabina Bharati

DevOps & SW Engineering

Babs Bloemsaat

Architecture & management