Developers Meet Up


We like to invite you to join us at the KPN technology office in Amsterdam. At this Meet Up our subject matter experts in Development, Cyber Security and IoT love to exchange their top-notch methodologies and learnings.

Join our Developers Meet Up. Learn, explore, discover and meet our tech colleagues. Book a free seat and join our Developers Meet Up on Thursday October 26, from 4PM to 7PM, Teleportboulevard 121 (Sloterdijk) in Amsterdam. 

Drinks and supper are included.

Deadline to subscribe: October 12, 2023

Key note speakers

Developer Experience at scale

While increasing the deployment frequency by 300% we gave our engineers more time to create software. Happy engineers are at the heart of delivering quality applications and services to our customers.  Discover how we continuously improve the experience and productivity of 150+ engineering teams.  Mattias Sluis is Engineering Lead at KPN and works with his colleagues to enable and accelerate value delivery. Get inspired by our quest for empowering our organisation at scale. 

How adversarial attacking simulations secure your organization.

Mark de Groot is Team Lead Ethical Hacking at KPN. As an ethical hacker with a passion for security, he is specialized in adversarial attack methods and red teaming exercises to help organizations identify vulnerabilities and improve their defenses against real-world threats. Join this masterclass where Mark shares his insights and best practices on how our RedTeam adversarial attacking simulations performs on our KPN services to secure our networks. Learn more about Cyber Security and gain useful insights for software development.


How to connect 'things'

More and more devices are connected to the internet. How does this technology work and how can developers optimize IoT devices?In this hands-on IoT workshop from our KPN IoT experts, you will not only learn the basics behind connecting and programming devices. You will actually do it! In one hour you will be taken into the practice of installing and programming IoT. A workshop where beginners in the field of IoT quickly learn the basics and IoT experts are included in the latest developments. Don't miss it and sign up!

Working at KPN

Freedom and responsibility in small, self-managing teams

KPN has various tech divisions that work closely with several business units within KPN. Every day, around 1,500 tech colleagues with more than 30 different nationalities work on creating the best digital experiences. As a developer you play a crucial role in our ambition to make technology interact better with people. We call this 'Humanising Technology'.

Despite our size, there is little hierarchy as we are organized in small, self-managing teams, mostly working in DevOps. This means a lot of freedom, but also a lot of responsibility. Together with your team you are responsible for improving an application or service and keeping it up and running.

You also bear your own responsibility to immerse yourself in our 'engineering culture' and to make time available to, for example, learn new technologies or to master them even better. We experiment, try and try again. Until it works. Making mistakes is allowed. In fact, that's part of it.

A selection of the 'Tech Stack' we work with: Artifactory, AWS, Azure, Azure DevOps, BitBucket, Blockchain, Django, Docker, Event Streaming, FastAPI, Flutter, Java, Javascript, Jenkins, Kafka, Kubernetes, Nuxt, Open Source projects, Prometheus, Python, RPA, Spring Boot and VueJS

Feel welcome to join our Developers Meet Up and meet our colleagues.