Diversity & Inclusion

This is how we make KPN diverse and inclusive

We want everyone to feel welcome and accepted. Every day, we work to create an inclusive, safe work culture. Where we work together in teams where everyone is equal. Where everyone's talent is valued and utilized. And where we celebrate our differences.

All this does not happen by itself. It’s hard work at all levels of the organization. Policy. Strategy. Processes. And, of course, leadership. We also have several network organizations within KPN, in which we encourage everyone to contribute to more diversity and inclusion themselves.

We’re not there yet. But we are making progress.   

  • In our collective bargaining agreement, we have included leave for various groups, such as LGBTQ+ families or for colleagues undergoing transition. 
  • We offer everyone the opportunity to learn about unconscious biases.
  • We celebrate Diversity Day and many other important days and moments such as Women's Day, Pride, Neurodiversity Pride and Ramadan.

Our employee networks

Women at KPN is committed to the theme of gender. They regularly organize events such as Girls' Day, to introduce young girls to our work. And workshops and lectures during International Women's Day

KPN Pride is our LGBTQI+ network that has been working for more than 10 years to raise awareness both inside and outside KPN. They organize events where colleagues can talk to each other and participate in activities and workshops. Every year, KPN Pride also organizes the Pink Christmas Dinner, bringing different generations within the LGBTQI+ community together to combat loneliness. 

Kleurrijk KPN (Colorful KPN) is the multicultural employee network for everyone who wants to gain and spread knowledge about cultural diversity. They are committed to increasing cultural diversity in our workplace. And they regularly organize events to connect the different cultures within KPN. The annual Iftar, for example, where employees meet refugees in The Netherlands.

NeuroNetwork KPN puts the spotlight on neurodiversity in the organization. They organize events around the different neurodivergent and neurotypical brains and how we can all work together. Every year, NeuroNetwork KPN also organizes an event on Neurodiversity Pride Day.

JongKPN is the employee network for colleagues under the age of 35. They organize events where young employees can meet each other. It’s all about learning and having fun. Examples of events are an annual trip abroad, internal networking events, and company visits.

Internationals at KPN is the employee network for our international colleagues. They organize various meetings to connect and support expat colleagues. They also arrange mentoring by culture coaches.