About the app

About the app 

The KPN Onboarding app can be used to experience a fast, safe and correct onboarding with KPN. 

In order to use it, you must have received a personal QR-code.  

You can easily onboard by using your smartphone. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can also use a smartphone from a member of your family or friend. No data will be stored on it. 

  1. Open your devices appstore and install the KPN Onboarding app on your mobile 
  2. Start the app and complete the process by using your personal QR code below
  3. Your information be processed and personal access card will be sent quickly. 
  4. Welcome to KPN!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How does the app work? 
A: In this instruction video you can see how the app works.

Q: Is this app safe to use? 
A: Yes. Privacy and security are the main reasons why we developed this app. There is no need to share your data via e-mail or other tools anymore. This app has been built with privacy-by-design. The app and process have been extensively tested and found to be correct, according to our KPN Security Policy. And believe us, that policy is strict.  

Q: Why do you want me to add extra information? 
A: Our experience is that the more you can do yourself, the less mistakes are made. So, when you directly enter your name, special characters, etc yourself, we avoid manual mistakes.   

Q: Can I contact KPN if I have any remaining questions? 
A: Of course! For questions please call the KPN HR Service Desk on +31 70 343 00 30 (subject: "Onboarding app").