Work instructions OP-SLD (English)

Work instructions for OP-SLD process (English)

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This instruction page is intended for use by suppliers. More information is available on TeamKPN for KPN colleagues.

Background information
External personnel that require access to premises and/or systems of KPN B.V. need to be properly registered as a worker within KPN. That way we are able to determine at any given time who is working for/at KPN and this enables us to execute all governmental regulations and internal safety protocols.
Our Identity & Authorization Management System (IAM) facilitates access and required authorizations for all work that does not result in a payment obligation or where the payment obligation cannot be related to an hourly rate or an actual period of time worked. This group of workers is called the “Service Level & Deliverables (SLD)” within KPN.
The Supplier Manager Workforce (SMW) is responsible for correct workforce management. This person will be able to suggest possible new external staffing options to a KPN manager for the execution of demanded work benefiting their departments. For larger organizations we are featuring the opportunity to assign the Supplier Manager Workforce role to multiple persons within your organization.

Link to IAM for external resources:

Instructions for the Supplier Manager Workforce

  1. Instruction: How to register a new external worker?
  2. Instruction: Show to request authorizations for your external workers
  3. Instruction: How to add a new SMW?
  4. Instruction: Request external access to IAM for new Supplier Manager Workforce
  5. Instruction: How to manage external workers?
  6. Instruction: The validation process explained
  7. Instruction: Setting up SMS authentication for external employees
  8. Instruction: All mails are sent to the resource’s KPN mail address. How do I change the communication email address of an external employee
  9. Instruction: Why do I need to submit a passport number or ID number
  10. Instruction: How do I change the manager of a resource
  11. Instruction: How can I see and change the termination date of an employee
  12. Instruction: How can I check the status of my requested authorizations
  13. Instruction: How do I perform a password reset for the IAM Portal
  14. Instruction: Why is the required center code not listed among the options when listing a resource
  15. Instruction: Why is the manager not listed among the options when adding an external employee
  16. Instruction: Why do my external employees’ employment contracts have an end date in IAM?
  17. Instruction: When can I start requesting authorizations for external employees?

We understand that you may have questions because of the new process. If you have a question that is not covered by the provided work instructions, we kindly ask you to contact the responsible hiring manager.

Additional documents
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